Absolute crystal purity will be emphasized by a bouquet of smells “Freshness of water”. Remember how nice it is to step on young green blades of grass, slightly powdered with refreshing cool dew. Surely you would like to feel such emotions literally every day?

You can admire the water forever: its tranquility is transmitted through the movement of the river. If suddenly there is a wave, a large wave will rush to the shores – and silence as never happened. Under the smells of the calm elements, it is easy to meditate and possess your own emotions.
The emotion that the aroma evokes: unhurried movement, awareness.

In the product it is easy to feel such shades:

  • Fruits flavor;
  • Flowers freshness;
  • Sandalwood whiff;
  • Musk hint.

Do you want to feel real freshness and vigor in the morning? The element of water is a magical particle that calms, allows you to concentrate, get awareness, increasing your productivity!


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Freshness of Water

Soothes mental noise, adjusts to smooth awakening, meditation and mindfulness. Bottle capacity is 300 ml.

Ingredients of the fragrance: Fruits, Flowers, Sandalwood and Musk.

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