The “power of fire” rips masks off faces and changes everything around them. The burning aroma of wood fillers enlivens the imagination, hints at courage, inspires change, gives energy, awakens feelings, desires and dreams. It is possible to ignite such feelings and inspire decisive action. The smell of fiery nature will fill the house with passion for beauty.

The element is able to carry a creative effect, fascinating with purposefulness. It includes the pleasant aromas of the fire and the smoky smells of the skin.

The emotion that the aroma evokes: vivacity, vigor, activity.

The aroma of the power of fire contains:

  • Flowers freshness;
  • Peach and Mango flavors;
  • Wood whiff;
  • Vanilla redolence;
  • Oud breeze.

Are you ready to melt the ice with passion and dance selflessly in the rain? It is for you that we have created a fragrance in the hottest of the elements of nature, which inspire and charge for everyday activities.


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Power of Fire

Inspires change, gives energy, awakens feelings, desires and dreams. Bottle capacity is 300 ml.

Ingredients of the fragrance: Flowers, Peach, Mango, Wood, Vanilla and Oud.

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