Tell me, do you like experiments? Then choose a new, bright, cosmic fragrance, the best suited to the rock mood. Try the perfumes for the house “Space Ether” – they radiate a love for science fiction and the latest technology. The fragrance is created for bold, strong personalities ready for experiments.

The power of the ether awakens male energy and strength, evokes enthusiastic emotions, calls to conquer the stars. Slightly ozone and with a slight sourness aroma awakens the flight of imagination and the desire to conquer the planets.

The emotion that aroma evokes: clarity, orderliness, functionality.

The new product is extremely invigorating, because it contains only hardcore fillers:

  • Sugar scent;
  • Amber hint;
  • Vanilla redolence;
  • Blossoms freshness.

Together, “Space” gives a bright, inspiring effect.

Do you want new fragrances for yourself? Craft perfumes for the home transform the space and give extraterrestrial inspiration, leaving a feeling of connection of fragrant nature with the irresistible power of the universe!


50 ml


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Cosmic Ether

Awakens male energy, helps to focus on solving problems. Bottle capacity is 300 ml.

Ingredients of the fragrance: Sugar, Amber, Vanilla and Blossoms.

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