Smells around can cause good-naturedness, bringing joy to all the inhabitants in the house. We present “The Richness of the Earth” – a fragrance for the purposeful and successful. Its main function is to bring harmony by removing irritability, removing traces of a rich life.

Fragrances are created for a harmonious and comfortable life, emphasize only pleasant emotions: it directly affects family well-being. Bouquet “Wealth of the Earth” became a hit due to the saturation with smells of fresh greenery at any time of the year, as if there was a fragrant greenhouse around.

The emotion that aroma evokes: the energy of stability and well-being.

The richness of the earth was created by the ingredients:

  • Pomegranate flavor;
  • Strawberry freshness;
  • Bergamot redolence;
  • Floral musk breeze;
  • Vanilla musk whiff.

What could be more beautiful than natural fragrances for the home, prepared specifically for your desires? The “Wealth of the Earth” line is ideal for maintaining and multiplying family traditions. An excellent choice for creating a unique atmosphere that is specific to your home.


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Wealth of Earth

Creates a sense of stability, security, family happiness. Comfortable fragrances at any time of the year. Bottle capacity is 300 ml.

Ingredients of the fragrance: Pomegranate, Strawberry, Bergamot, Floral musk, Vanilla and Musk.