If you like to feel the freshness of a ventilated room with forest smells in the morning, then this aroma is just for you. It contains a mystery of the mystery of existence and a mystery that makes you start new creative tasks with special enthusiasm.

“Purity of air” has turned into a special fragrance, which we developed specifically for creative thinkers. Surround yourself with frosty freshness with an admixture of aromas of forest greenery – and the muse will definitely come more often. Perfumes for everyday comfort gives even more clean air!

The emotion that aroma evokes: creative impulse, creativity.

Aroma purity of air contains:

  • Lemongrass breeze;
  • Lemon flower freshness;
  • Cedar wood whiff.

Author’s fragrances for the house will appeal to every member of your family. The fragrance will let you know that you have come to a happy place, your home, where you can be creative in the right atmosphere!


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Purity of Air

Opens the streams of consciousness, develops creativity. Bottle capacity is 300 ml.

Ingredients of the fragrance: Lemongrass, Lemon flower and Cedar wood.

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